School of Social Works

Department of Social Works
Social work continues to be one of the fastest growing contemporary professions today. As society evolves, new issues requiring redressal confront individuals, families and communities, requiring the social work profession to adapt itself to meet these diverse societal needs. The Department provides special training to the students which equip them as good professionals and best mentors who impacts the human lives.

Programs Offered

  • M.S.W (Master of Social Works)


The objective of the Department of Social Work is to enable students who come from diverse backgrounds, to acquire the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors necessary for professional social work practice. Integration of professional acumen with basic human values and with a spirit of integrity is being taught along with the curriculum. The entire focus in this programme is to foster student growth by providing them with quality academic training and thereby prepare them for the challenges and career opportunities of this demanding and dynamic profession.
Department of Physical Education
The Department of Physical education caters to the physical and psychological nourishment of the students. Rising sports consciousness and enthusiasm generated in India following the spectacular show of the IXth Asian Games at Delhi prompted the Government of India to focus on sports development to encourage physical fitness among youth and to channelize their energy towards excellence.

This has impacted the colleges and universities especially our institution which takes uttermost care in building good athletes. In addition to this the institution encourages the students in the field of sports by giving them a 20% waiver in the fees during the admission into any course in the college for those who have participated in the District and Division level sports meet.

The college hosts a good playground which caters to the track and field events. The college also takes pride in organizing various university level tournaments in various disciplines. This year the college hosted a university level Women's Kho-Kho competition in which 14 colleges participated.