Physical education is an essential component of every child's education from kindergarten to college.


This has impacted the colleges and universities, especially our institution which takes uttermost care in building good athletes. In addition to this, the institution encourages the students in the field of sports by giving them a 20% waiver in the fees during admission into any course in the college for those who have participated in the District and divisional level sports meets.

The college hosts a good playground that caters to track and field events. The college also takes pride in organizing various university-level tournaments in various disciplines. This year the college hosted a university-level women's Kho-Kho competition in which 14 colleges participated.



Improves Physical Fitness

Skill Development

Regular, Healthful Physical Activity

Support of Other Subject Areas


Improves Judgement

Stress Reduction

Strengthened the Peer Relationships

Improves the Self-confidence and Self-esteem

Experience Setting Goals